How to become a Blue Light SciTech instructor?

Training FAQ

1For whom the program is designed?
The Training is designed for kids educators who want to become STEM teachers with focus on science (physics, chemistry, natural science,...) and technology (engineering, robotics, programming, computational thinking,...). This Training is mostly designed for educator who teach kids in age group from 5 to 12 years old. Foreign and local (Chinese) educators are welcomed.
2Is the Training suitable for educators without SciTech background?
Yes, the Training is designed for beginners, but understanding of basic natural science and computer science concepts would be desirable.
3I am an English Teacher, can I join the Training?
Yes, you can but it would be desirable for all applicants to have basic understanding of science and computer science concepts, and a bit passion toward SciTech would be welcomed too.
4I don't have any teaching experience, can I join the Training?
Yes, you can but educators with experience will have advance in enrollment.
5What benefits can I get from attending the Training?
- You will understand new trends in SciTech education.
- You will learn basic Blue Light Instructor skills.
- You will get an opportunity to learn new tech skills, like basics of computer programming.
- You will get an opportunity to work for Blue Light SciTech Club.
- You will become an educator of future skills.
6What is an official language of the Training?
Official language of the Training is English.
7Where the Training will be held?
Training will be provided in our center in Shenzhen, Nanshan District.
8When the Training will be held?
It is expected to start in the middle of April 2017.
9Is this course free of charge?
Yes, it is free. Attendees don't need to pay any fees.
10How can I apply?
There are 2 ways.
1. Fill up online form on this link (recommended): Apply here
2. Send your info on this email: hr[at]

Training Info

Location: Shenzhen, Nanshan

Period: Middle of April 2018

Duration: 10 hours during the period of 2 weeks

Instructors: Blue Light Head Teachers

Topics: Basic Science Concepts for Kids, Basic Computer Science concept for kids, App Tools for CS education

Certification: All attendies will receive the Certificate of participation

Fee: Course is free of charge

Number of attendees: 6

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